[TOOL] Add force-nuke-everything make rule, which deletes the whole database and caches

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Hugo Sales 2021-12-23 17:31:20 +00:00 committed by Diogo Peralta Cordeiro
parent 333e71ed50
commit 1e7a285ded
Signed by: diogo
GPG Key ID: 18D2D35001FBFAB0
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@ -53,3 +53,11 @@ phpstan: tooling-docker
stop-tooling: .PHONY
cd docker/tooling && docker-compose down
rm -rf var/*
docker exec -it $(call translate-container-name,$(strip $(DIR))_redis_1) sh -c 'redis-cli flushall'
force-nuke-everything: remove-var flush-redis-cache database-force-nuke