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Diogo Peralta Cordeiro fd71d6ee7d
[PLUGIN][UnboundGroup] Finish implementation 2022-03-29 00:57:41 +01:00
Hugo Sales dac94f53cd
[CORE][Entity] Rename createOrUpdate to 'checkExistingAndCreateOrUpdate', remove update feature from 'create' and add 'createOrUpdate' and fix users 2022-03-28 20:59:15 +01:00
Hugo Sales abe35428da
[CORE][DB] Rename App\Core\DB\DB to App\Core\DB 2022-03-28 20:59:14 +01:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro fb3e900b28
[CORE] Add CONFIG_ prefix to environment whitelist
Fixed minor issues with Commong:config of env not being included and ported to local social yaml

Fixed some regressions introduced with [CORE] Unset sensitive information from the environment
2022-02-11 10:05:58 +00:00
Hugo Sales 93276ce8d0
[AUTOGENERATED] Update autogenerated code 2021-12-27 03:06:30 +00:00
Hugo Sales c79b1e4c94
[AUTOGENERATED] Update auto generated code 2021-12-26 19:16:15 +00:00
Hugo Sales ec28f23025
[TOOLS] Run CS-fixer on all files 2021-12-26 19:16:15 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 8cd703d68b
[COMPONENT][Link] Even if everything else in Posting fails, no reason to discard the finding about the Link 2021-12-24 02:46:45 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro dcc37b055d
[COMPONENT][Link] Remove relation to note when note is removed
Moved entity NoteToLink to the component
2021-12-10 04:04:56 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 70ed04a7db
[COMPONENT][Link] Fix some minor issues with empty headed links, typo in event handler's name, and refactor entity to inside component 2021-12-03 00:46:52 +00:00