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Eliseu Amaro f2f1bdc145
[PLUGIN][Reply] Separated replies from Note table.
[PLUGIN][Repeat] Deleted unnecessary card note template, info now to
appended at the end of note.
[PLUGIN][TreeNotes] WIP to accomodate reply plugin changes.
[TWIG][Runtime] Removed getAdditionalTemplateVars event.
2021-11-10 13:29:53 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro d0b2cccb63
[CSS] Mesh gradient works as intended with no banding. 2021-09-14 13:13:21 +01:00
Eliseu Amaro 625c056f30
[TWIG][CSS] Overall CSS optimizations. Image gradients are now used, 64x64 px. 2021-09-14 13:13:12 +01:00
Eliseu Amaro d5ab382485
[DOCS] Add designer book. 2021-09-14 13:13:02 +01:00