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Eliseu Amaro 19975b8d8d
[COMPONENTS][Avatar] Make sure dimension values are integers
[CARDS][Note] Fix assumed avatar dimension values
2021-12-27 19:08:51 +00:00
Phablulo Joel 65a3d738ca [PLUGIN][AttachmentCollections] Make it look good 2021-12-27 15:38:47 -03:00
Phablulo Joel 7ddfe92773 fix: redirect 2021-12-27 15:35:09 -03:00
Phablulo Joel e932ff43d0 [PLUGIN][AttachmentCollections] changes path name to be the same as the one introduced in c4dacd7626 2021-12-27 15:31:19 -03:00
Phablulo Joel 672df5165c [PLUGIN][AttachmentCollections] Fixing forms submission 2021-12-27 15:25:20 -03:00
Hugo Sales 72a19d7eac
[COMPONENT][Posting] Fix error around mentions of actors that don't exist 2021-12-27 17:35:33 +00:00
Hugo Sales b84315c95b
[TOOLS] Fix errors reported by PHPStan at level 4 2021-12-27 17:35:33 +00:00
Hugo Sales edd996d281
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies, including PHPStan to dev version 2021-12-27 17:35:33 +00:00
Hugo Sales cf2f87fc1d
[AUTOGENERATED] Update autogenerated code 2021-12-27 17:35:33 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro c9d05d71f5
[COMPONENT][Group] Fix group creation, Refactor related entities to inside the component
Other minor bug fixes and improvements
2021-12-27 17:28:03 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro d03572e366
[PLUGIN][Directory] Make it list groups 2021-12-27 17:10:58 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro de148c1f78
[COMPONENT][Avatar][Controller] Implement multiple dimensions 2021-12-27 05:08:29 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 2a902d6a7e
[ASSETS][css][sections] rename profile-avatar to avatar 2021-12-27 05:08:29 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 195618801b
[TEMPLATES][Cards][Note] Fix some issues with note minimal 2021-12-27 05:08:29 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 80afc0fa6c
[TEMPLATES][Cards][Profile] Provide both actor uri and url, as well as full mention guidance 2021-12-27 05:08:27 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro eb761609aa
[ENTITY][Note] If note is a reply to, notify reply's actor 2021-12-27 04:56:00 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro c4dacd7626
[COMPONENT][Attachment] Vinculate note information with attachment controllers
Various minor bug fixes
2021-12-27 04:56:00 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro fd44bc3ac5
[CARDS][Note] Minimize calls between different tables
For instance, the actor_url was set using note.getActor().getUrl() instead of using the actor from the start (since actor was needed in other setters as well).
2021-12-27 03:06:35 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 65676d3980
[CARDS][Note] Fix attachment page from retrieving image dimensions
Attachments may use only a specific block, not the full note macro itself. Since this is the case, the actor needs to be retrieved for the minimal macro note.
2021-12-27 03:06:35 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro ea42ba9f26
[CARDS][Profile] Fix bio
Was using 'hasBio()' instead of 'getBio()'
2021-12-27 03:06:35 +00:00
Hugo Sales a1a6f5f4fd
[TOOLS] Add warning to update code in bin/generate_entity_fields 2021-12-27 03:06:35 +00:00
Hugo Sales 93276ce8d0
[AUTOGENERATED] Update autogenerated code 2021-12-27 03:06:30 +00:00
Hugo Sales 0df423e84b
[TOOLS] Update bin/generate_entity_fields so it defaults nullable variables to null and handles null in varchars 2021-12-27 03:03:57 +00:00
Hugo Sales 7eff22d548
[TOOLS] Fix errors reported by updated PHPStan 2021-12-27 03:03:57 +00:00
Hugo Sales 52e2231661
[DEPENDENCIES] Update PHPStan and other dependencies 2021-12-27 03:03:57 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 9d3c01312f
[CARDS][Note] Fix assumed avatar dimension values 2021-12-27 03:03:53 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro ce23660dba
[PLUGIN][ImageEncoder] Only show thumbnails if they exist 2021-12-27 03:02:21 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 58715f1733
[PLUGIN][ImageEncoder] If vips doesn't support, don't throw exception, just let other plugin try 2021-12-27 03:02:20 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 838510ced2
[CARDS][Navigation] Replaced footer to nav
Since the footer is inside a section, it couldn't be a footer element
2021-12-27 03:02:20 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro b30198413c
[PLUGINS][Oomox] Add rel to response headers 2021-12-26 21:26:04 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 7402e749cb
[COMPONENTS][Feed] Removed unnecessary ARIA 2021-12-26 21:19:33 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 18cfcc0796
[ICONS] Removed XML processing instructions in svg files 2021-12-26 21:19:06 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 045ff6fb68
[PLUGINS][XMPPNotifications] Fix typo 2021-12-26 21:19:06 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro fec1861b80
[CONTROLLER][Note] Respect note scope 2021-12-26 21:19:06 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro d891089945
[PLUGIN][StoreRemoteMedia] Let the user decide the max file size to download 2021-12-26 21:19:04 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 0c421116a6
[ENTITY][Note] Relive isVisibleTo method 2021-12-26 19:50:21 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 78cc9c4659
[PLUGINS][Repeat] Repeat now added has a reply and conversation of original note 2021-12-26 19:16:57 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro e10a38a3e2
[CSS] Align page header on ultrawide screens 2021-12-26 19:16:57 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro feb2631f00
[CARDS][Note] Add permalink to extra note actions 2021-12-26 19:16:57 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro a1d9909379
[CORE][VisibilityScope] Use enum type instead of Bitmap 2021-12-26 19:16:56 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6f0d9add08
[DEPENDENCIES] Run composer after php version bump from 8.0 to 8.1 2021-12-26 19:16:17 +00:00
Hugo Sales 6883e51fc8
[DOCKER] Force docker php to use proper PHP executable 2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Hugo Sales 3d9141f4ce
[COMPONENT][Tag] Allow searching for actor circles with {actor,people}-{circle,list}:#tag 2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro 4df80be095
[ENTITY][Actor] Set default null values 2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro d37f38a1ea
[ENTITY][Note] A note by default isn't a reply 2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro dd268ba8db
[CARDS][Profile] Use Actor::hasBio() instead of getter 2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 8e7c94fe1d
[COMPONENT][Attachment] Entity should have default refCount value, every attachment starts with 1 life 2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 94e216a943
[COMPONENT][Conversation] remove early flush in utility function 2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Eliseu Amaro fdf506b9f9
[CARDS][Note] Fix structure to break content in a controlled manner
[CSS] Responsive feed styling work

Note info content will now break as expected, useless space trimmed down to accomodate smaller screens.
2021-12-26 19:16:16 +00:00
Hugo Sales 726613cd96
[ENTITY][ActorCircle][COMPONENT][Tag] Add fields to ActorCircle and add or remove target to actor circle when they add or remove a selftag 2021-12-26 19:16:15 +00:00