upstream V3 development
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Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 517ed953f2
[FreeNetwork] First step towards de-duplication mechanism for federation
8 months ago
Command [TESTS][DOCUMENTATION] Add documenation for the list events command and exclude it from unit testing 9 months ago
Controller [CSS] Fix: Left and right panel checkbox border when active. 8 months ago
Core [CORE][Controller] Make Controller abstract, `handle` an optional non static method and use `static::class` rather than `get_called_class` 9 months ago
DataFixtures [GSFile] Fix sanitize configuration 9 months ago
DependencyInjection/Compiler [TOOLS] Fix all issues found by PHPStan level 2 9 months ago
Entity [FreeNetwork] First step towards de-duplication mechanism for federation 8 months ago
Migrations [V3] Big Bang 9 months ago
PHPStan [PHPStan] Only run custom PHPStan extensions if environment vairable PHPSTAN_BOOT_KERNEL is defined (since it requires having the whole social setup available) 9 months ago
Repository [TESTS] Ignore coverage of ResetPasswordRequest, as it uses mailing functionality. We may want to introduce this test in the future 9 months ago
Routes [ENTITY][AttachmentThumbnail] Now thumbnails are always only available in three sizes: small, medium, big 9 months ago
Security [Security][Exception] Security exception handling, login and register. TODO EmailNotFoundException and NicknameNotFoundException. 9 months ago
Twig [TWIG][EndShowStyles] Route as an event argument 8 months ago
Util [UTIL][HTML] Move to a unified array 9 months ago
CacheKernel.php [CACHE][HTTP] Configure simple HTTP cache 9 months ago
Kernel.php [TOOLS] Fix all level 0 errors found by PHPStan and move constant definition to bootstrap file 9 months ago