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return PhpCsFixer\Config::create()
// Each line of multi-line DocComments must have an asterisk [PSR-5] and must be aligned with the first one.
'align_multiline_comment' => ['comment_type' => 'phpdocs_like'],
// PHP arrays should be declared using the configured syntax.
'array_syntax' => ['syntax' => 'short'],
// Binary operators should be surrounded by space as configured.
'binary_operator_spaces' => [
'default' => 'align_single_space_minimal',
'operators' => ['??' => 'align'],
// There MUST be one blank line after the namespace declaration.
'blank_line_after_namespace' => true,
// Each element of an array must be indented exactly once.
'array_indentation' => true,
// Ensure there is no code on the same line as the PHP open tag and it is followed by a blank line.
'blank_line_after_opening_tag' => false,
// The body of each structure MUST be enclosed by braces. Braces should be properly placed. Body of braces should be properly indented.
'braces' => ['allow_single_line_closure' => true, 'position_after_functions_and_oop_constructs' => 'next',
// 'allow_single_line_functions' => true, // Awaiting PR merge...
// A single space or none should be between cast and variable.
'cast_spaces' => true,
// Class, trait and interface elements must be separated with one blank line.
'class_attributes_separation' => false,
// Whitespace around the keywords of a class, trait or interfaces definition should be one space.
'class_definition' => ['single_item_single_line' => true, 'single_line' => true],
// Using `isset($var) &&` multiple times should be done in one call.
'combine_consecutive_issets' => true,
// Calling `unset` on multiple items should be done in one call.
'combine_consecutive_unsets' => true,
// Remove extra spaces in a nullable typehint.
'compact_nullable_typehint' => true,
// Concatenation should be spaced according configuration.
'concat_space' => ['spacing' => 'one'],
// The PHP constants `true`, `false`, and `null` MUST be written using the correct casing.
'constant_case' => true,
// Equal sign in declare statement should be surrounded by spaces or not following configuration.
'declare_equal_normalize' => ['space' => 'single'],
// Replaces `dirname(__FILE__)` expression with equivalent `__DIR__` constant.
'dir_constant' => true,
// PHP code MUST use only UTF-8 without BOM (remove BOM).
'encoding' => true,
// Replace deprecated `ereg` regular expression functions with `preg`.
'ereg_to_preg' => true,
// Escape implicit backslashes in strings and heredocs to ease the understanding of which are special chars interpreted by PHP and which not.
'escape_implicit_backslashes' => true,
// Add curly braces to indirect variables to make them clear to understand. Requires PHP >= 7.0.
'explicit_indirect_variable' => true,
// Converts implicit variables into explicit ones in double-quoted strings or heredoc syntax.
'explicit_string_variable' => true,
// PHP code must use the long `<?php` tags or short-echo `<?=` tags and not other tag variations.
'full_opening_tag' => true,
// Transforms imported FQCN parameters and return types in function arguments to short version.
'fully_qualified_strict_types' => true,
// Spaces should be properly placed in a function declaration.
'function_declaration' => ['closure_function_spacing' => 'one'],
// Ensure single space between function's argument and its typehint.
'function_typehint_space' => true,
// Pre- or post-increment and decrement operators should be used if possible.
'increment_style' => true,
// Code MUST use configured indentation type.
'indentation_type' => true,
// All PHP files must use same line ending.
'line_ending' => true,
// Use `&&` and `||` logical operators instead of `and` and `or`.
'logical_operators' => true,
// PHP keywords MUST be in lower case.
'lowercase_keywords' => true,
// Class static references `self`, `static` and `parent` MUST be in lower case.
'lowercase_static_reference' => true,
// Magic constants should be referred to using the correct casing.
'magic_constant_casing' => true,
// Magic method definitions and calls must be using the correct casing.
'magic_method_casing' => true,
// Replaces `intval`, `floatval`, `doubleval`, `strval` and `boolval` function calls with according type casting operator.
'modernize_types_casting' => true,
// DocBlocks must start with two asterisks, multiline comments must start with a single asterisk, after the opening slash. Both must end with a single asterisk before the closing slash.
'multiline_comment_opening_closing' => true,
// Forbid multi-line whitespace before the closing semicolon or move the semicolon to the new line for chained calls.
'multiline_whitespace_before_semicolons' => true,
// Add leading `\` before constant invocation of internal constant to speed up resolving. Constant name match is case-sensitive, except for `null`, `false` and `true`.
'native_constant_invocation' => false,
// Function defined by PHP should be called using the correct casing.
'native_function_casing' => true,
// Add leading `\` before function invocation to speed up resolving.
'native_function_invocation' => false,
// Native type hints for functions should use the correct case.
'native_function_type_declaration_casing' => true,
// There should be no empty lines after class opening brace.
'no_blank_lines_after_class_opening' => true,
// There should not be blank lines between docblock and the documented element.
'no_blank_lines_after_phpdoc' => true,
// There must be a comment when fall-through is intentional in a non-empty case body.
'no_break_comment' => true,
// The closing `? >` tag MUST be omitted from files containing only PHP.
'no_closing_tag' => true,
// There should not be any empty comments.
'no_empty_comment' => true,
// There should not be empty PHPDoc blocks.
'no_empty_phpdoc' => true,
// Remove useless semicolon statements.
'no_empty_statement' => true,
// Removes extra blank lines and/or blank lines following configuration.
'no_extra_blank_lines' => true,
// Remove leading slashes in `use` clauses.
'no_leading_import_slash' => true,
// The namespace declaration line shouldn't contain leading whitespace.
'no_leading_namespace_whitespace' => true,
// Either language construct `print` or `echo` should be used.
'no_mixed_echo_print' => true,
// Operator `=>` should not be surrounded by multi-line whitespaces.
'no_multiline_whitespace_around_double_arrow' => true,
// Properties MUST not be explicitly initialized with `null` except when they have a type declaration (PHP 7.4).
'no_null_property_initialization' => true,
// Short cast `bool` using double exclamation mark should not be used.
'no_short_bool_cast' => true,
// Replace short-echo `<?=` with long format `<?php echo` syntax.
'no_short_echo_tag' => true,
// Single-line whitespace before closing semicolon are prohibited.
'no_singleline_whitespace_before_semicolons' => true,
// When making a method or function call, there MUST NOT be a space between the method or function name and the opening parenthesis.
'no_spaces_after_function_name' => true,
// There MUST NOT be spaces around offset braces.
'no_spaces_around_offset' => true,
// There MUST NOT be a space after the opening parenthesis. There MUST NOT be a space before the closing parenthesis.
'no_spaces_inside_parenthesis' => true,
// Replaces superfluous `elseif` with `if`.
'no_superfluous_elseif' => false,
// Remove trailing commas in list function calls.
'no_trailing_comma_in_list_call' => true,
// PHP single-line arrays should not have trailing comma.
'no_trailing_comma_in_singleline_array' => true,
// Remove trailing whitespace at the end of non-blank lines.
'no_trailing_whitespace' => true,
// There MUST be no trailing spaces inside comment or PHPDoc.
'no_trailing_whitespace_in_comment' => true,
// Removes unneeded parentheses around control statements.
'no_unneeded_control_parentheses' => true,
// Removes unneeded curly braces that are superfluous and aren't part of a control structure's body.
'no_unneeded_curly_braces' => true,
// In function arguments there must not be arguments with default values before non-default ones.
'no_unreachable_default_argument_value' => true,
// Variables must be set `null` instead of using `(unset)` casting.
'no_unset_cast' => false,
// Properties should be set to `null` instead of using `unset`.
'no_unset_on_property' => true,
// Unused `use` statements must be removed.
'no_unused_imports' => true,
// There should not be useless `else` cases.
'no_useless_else' => false,
// There should not be an empty `return` statement at the end of a function.
'no_useless_return' => true,
// In array declaration, there MUST NOT be a whitespace before each comma.
'no_whitespace_before_comma_in_array' => true,
// Remove trailing whitespace at the end of blank lines.
'no_whitespace_in_blank_line' => true,
// Remove Zero-width space (ZWSP), Non-breaking space (NBSP) and other invisible unicode symbols.
'non_printable_character' => true,
// Array index should always be written by using square braces.
'normalize_index_brace' => true,
// There should not be space before or after object `T_OBJECT_OPERATOR` `->`.
'object_operator_without_whitespace' => true,
// Ordering `use` statements.
'ordered_imports' => true,
// Orders the elements of classes/interfaces/traits.
'ordered_class_elements' => false,
// PHPUnit assertion method calls like `->assertSame(true, $foo)` should be written with dedicated method like `->assertTrue($foo)`.
'php_unit_construct' => true,
// PHPUnit annotations should be a FQCNs including a root namespace.
'php_unit_fqcn_annotation' => true,
// Enforce camel (or snake) case for PHPUnit test methods, following configuration.
'php_unit_method_casing' => true,
// Usage of PHPUnit's mock e.g. `->will($this->returnValue(..))` must be replaced by its shorter equivalent such as `->willReturn(...)`.
'php_unit_mock_short_will_return' => true,
// Order `@covers` annotation of PHPUnit tests.
'php_unit_ordered_covers' => true,
// Changes the visibility of the `setUp()` and `tearDown()` functions of PHPUnit to `protected`, to match the PHPUnit TestCase.
'php_unit_set_up_tear_down_visibility' => true,
// PHPUnit methods like `assertSame` should be used instead of `assertEquals`.
'php_unit_strict' => true,
// Calls to `PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase` static methods must all be of the same type, either `$this->`, `self::` or `static::`.
'php_unit_test_case_static_method_calls' => true,
// PHPDoc should contain `@param` for all params.
'phpdoc_add_missing_param_annotation' => true,
// All items of the given phpdoc tags must be either left-aligned or (by default) aligned vertically.
'phpdoc_align' => true,
// Docblocks should have the same indentation as the documented subject.
'phpdoc_indent' => true,
// Fix PHPDoc inline tags, make `@inheritdoc` always inline.
'phpdoc_inline_tag' => true,
// `@access` annotations should be omitted from PHPDoc.
'phpdoc_no_access' => true,
// No alias PHPDoc tags should be used.
'phpdoc_no_alias_tag' => true,
// Annotations in PHPDoc should be ordered so that `@param` annotations come first, then `@throws` annotations, then `@return` annotations.
'phpdoc_order' => true,
// The type of `@return` annotations of methods returning a reference to itself must the configured one.
'phpdoc_return_self_reference' => true,
// Scalar types should always be written in the same form. `int` not `integer`, `bool` not `boolean`, `float` not `real` or `double`.
'phpdoc_scalar' => true,
// Annotations in PHPDoc should be grouped together so that annotations of the same type immediately follow each other, and annotations of a different type are separated by a single blank line.
'phpdoc_separation' => true,
// Single line `@var` PHPDoc should have proper spacing.
'phpdoc_single_line_var_spacing' => false,
// Removes extra blank lines after summary and after description in PHPDoc.
'phpdoc_trim_consecutive_blank_line_separation' => true,
// The correct case must be used for standard PHP types in PHPDoc.
'phpdoc_types' => true,
// Sorts PHPDoc types.
'phpdoc_types_order' => true,
// `@var` and `@type` annotations must have type and name in the correct order.
'phpdoc_var_annotation_correct_order' => true,
// Class names should match the file name.
'psr4' => true,
// There should be one or no space before colon, and one space after it in return type declarations, according to configuration.
'return_type_declaration' => true,
// Inside class or interface element `self` should be preferred to the class name itself.
'self_accessor' => true,
// Instructions must be terminated with a semicolon.
'semicolon_after_instruction' => true,
// Cast shall be used, not `settype`.
'set_type_to_cast' => true,
// Cast `(boolean)` and `(integer)` should be written as `(bool)` and `(int)`, `(double)` and `(real)` as `(float)`, `(binary)` as `(string)`.
'short_scalar_cast' => true,
// Converts explicit variables in double-quoted strings and heredoc syntax from simple to complex format (`${` to `{$`).
'simple_to_complex_string_variable' => true,
// There should be exactly one blank line before a namespace declaration.
'single_blank_line_before_namespace' => true,
// There MUST be one use keyword per declaration.
'single_import_per_statement' => true,
// There MUST NOT be more than one property or constant declared per statement.
'single_class_element_per_statement' => true,
// Each namespace use MUST go on its own line and there MUST be one blank line after the use statements block.
'single_line_after_imports' => true,
// Single-line comments and multi-line comments with only one line of actual content should use the `//` syntax.
'single_line_comment_style' => true,
// Convert double quotes to single quotes for simple strings.
'single_quote' => true,
// Each trait `use` must be done as single statement.
'single_trait_insert_per_statement' => true,
// Fix whitespace after a semicolon.
'space_after_semicolon' => true,
// Increment and decrement operators should be used if possible.
'standardize_increment' => true,
// Replace all `<>` with `!=`.
'standardize_not_equals' => true,
// A case should be followed by a colon and not a semicolon.
'switch_case_semicolon_to_colon' => true,
// Removes extra spaces between colon and case value.
'switch_case_space' => true,
// Standardize spaces around ternary operator.
'ternary_operator_spaces' => true,
// PHP multi-line arrays should have a trailing comma.
'trailing_comma_in_multiline_array' => true,
// Unary operators should be placed adjacent to their operands.
'unary_operator_spaces' => true,
// Visibility MUST be declared on all properties and methods; `abstract` and `final` MUST be declared before the visibility; `static` MUST be declared after the visibility.
'visibility_required' => true,
// In array declaration, there MUST be a whitespace after each comma.
'whitespace_after_comma_in_array' => true,