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  Eliseu Amaro 8ef334f2cd
[BLOG] Header and title now align perfectly 9 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 9f3cd0dcf0
[GSSoC] Improving document sections styling, improving separation of contents 9 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 2768f63aa4
[GSSoC] Reverting 'font-size-adjust' reset.css rule, fixes huge text shown in GSSoC related pages 9 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 9ce7b433f9
[COMMUNITIES] Added top margin so header doesn't obfuscate page contents 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro c8cbcf6ed3
[HOME] Removed drawer like behaviour for header 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro c7f74fee5d
[HOME] Header hierarchy fixes, proper 'buttons' styling added 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 437675b9aa
[RESET] Removed text shadow, added optimizeLegibility 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 5e9f28e47b
[BLOG] Tschichold's canon wasn't met, which is inexcusable 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 34ff91c8d4
[BLOG] Improved small display specific styling [RESET] Improved legibility and mono and sans-serif x-height consistency for supported browsers 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 4203dbb317
[BLOG] Remove template script's content-wrapper end tag from being applied 3 times 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 3978c7e2df
[CSS] Polished blog, docs, and soc CSS 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 628d9b8a10
[CSS][Reset] CSS box model fix 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 0cc54b683f
[CSS] Footer and media query screen fix 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 7fbd880b6d
[CSS] Blog styling changes 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro eb68ab6079
[CSS] Code blocks styling 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro cf28f30a4d Content was improperly positioned, leading to footer being out of view in some cases, fixed. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro dabae9fbb4 [CSS] Default page styling media queries simplified. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 8c0dd20720 [CSS] Fxed SoC pages top padding at certan screen widths. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 736d35428a [CSS] SoC pages are now more consistent. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro ffea552a93 [BLOG] Added footer. Content better separated now. 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 3fc71b68af
[CSS] Add styling for menu selected 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 50ebd19082 [CSS] Fixed tar file size information from wrapping. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 9ee437d8aa [DOCS][BLOG] Footer is now an actual footer. Line height fixes in the sidebar. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro be6560bfcb
[SoC] Use new css theme 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro f360ebb457
[V3] Fixed header links area. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro b12753a18f
[Communities] Table width was wrongly set to 100%. Communities link is now clearer. Ribbon image wraps when space is limited. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 389f913e74
[Communities] Header wasn't showing since the list had the wrong class. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro f1ac5cc5b5
[Communities] Fixed footer. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 30518ea977
[Communities] Fixed bottom padding. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 35f7daf77f
[Communities] Added reset.css 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro ba290a956a
[Communities] Removed inline CSS. Classes more consistent now. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro e91012f240
Fixed font hierarchy sizes andd paddings. Navigation is now more clear. 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 85e55bffb7
[CSS][Blog] Add blockquote styling 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6160f9a24a
add space after subtitle 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro fbf06df5d5
more spacing between blog post entries 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro c96eae78ee
lower padding 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro a430c12627
minor patches to blog css 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro dc54fa75ea
Apply to docs a styling similar to the blog's 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 672dfe2a11
[CSS] Fixing missing fonts and properly setting up header height. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro a4615ec409
[CSS] Firefox makes me question my sanity, wasn't using the fonts that it should somehow. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 7863bcc4d0
[CSS] Fixed footer element from being hidden behind other divs. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 6e8c9c49c9
[CSS] Fixed position: sticky which rendered mobile users unable to view main page features section. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro ff0370af35
[CSS] Base style media queries added. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 45f96f5ec9
[CSS] Hotfix: font was too small for mobile devices. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 978e9443a5
[CSS] Fixed focused links styling. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 64e4a2c875
[MEDIA][CSS] Blog pages fixes. Line height is now bigger by default. Actually responsive. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 5d97a5ce51
[BLOG][CSS] New templates, modified blog script to stop it from writing new headers inside page. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro b900cc7527
[BLOG][DOC][CSS] Fixed blog and documentation pages. 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 23b5d81c42
New theme complete. No libraries used. 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 4b22fa37ae
Add Code Coverage link and Fix minor issues 2 years ago