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<title>GNU social &mdash; Some public communities</title>
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$query = urlencode('
nodes(platform: "gnusocial") {
$query_result = json_decode(file_get_contents("{$query}"), true);
$query_result = $query_result['data']['nodes'];
// Filter out instances with closed signups
$nodes = array_filter($query_result, function ($node) {
return $node['openSignups'];
// garbage collect
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<h2 class="content-head is-center">Some public GNU social communities</h2>
<p>Please note that the servers listed here are not run by us and we are not responsible for their operation or
their content. They are listed here as a service to the community.</p>
<h3>Public GNU social Servers</h3>
<table id="nodes">
<?php foreach ($nodes as $node): ?>
<a href="https://<?php echo $node['host']; ?>"><?php echo $node['name']; ?></a>
<?php echo $node['countryCode']; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<p><br>This table's data comes from <a href="">the federation - a statistics hub</a>, if
you want to be listed here, please go to;yournode.tld&#x3E;.
After some seconds, you should see your node added.</p>
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