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  5. <h2 class="subtitle">The Project</h2>
  6. GNU social is a continuation of the StatusNet project.
  7. It is a social communication software for public and private
  8. communications. It is widely supported and has a large userbase
  9. including the <a href="">Free Software Foundation</a>.
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  11. GNU social connects you to a free network of thousands of communities that discuss daily on a variety of
  12. topics, each being part of the whole.
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  15. <h2 class="subtitle">Features</h2>
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  18. <h3><b>Versatile.</b></h3>
  19. GNU social supports both single-user and community modes and can
  20. be used in an intranet environment or as part of the wider Free
  21. Network.
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  24. <h3><b>Stable.</b></h3>
  25. GNU social has been used in production environments for over ten
  26. years.
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  29. <h3><b>Plug and Play.</b></h3>
  30. Because GNU social is minimal and libre, it runs virtually
  31. anywhere you can run a common piece of web software, such as
  32. WordPress or Drupal. JavaScript is optional.
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  35. <h3><b>Privacy focused.</b></h3>
  36. GNU social is part of the GNU project, it's 100% free software,
  37. with no malicious features or spyware.
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  42. <h2 class="subtitle">FAQ</h2>
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  45. <h3><b>Where can I join GNU social?</b></h3>
  46. There are many kinds of GNU social server instances online right now!
  47. <p>
  48. <a href="/communities">Click here</a> to see a list of popular GNU social sites you can join!
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  50. Disclaimer: Please note that the GNU social development team is not responsible for the operation or content of sites that run its software.
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  54. <h3><b>Who makes GNU social?</b></h3>
  55. GNU social has been used in production environments for over ten
  56. years.
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  59. <h2 class="subtitle">Support the Project</h2>
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  62. <h3><b>Liberapay</b></h3>
  63. <a href="">Donate</a> to the project lead developer, <a href="#">Diogo Cordeiro</a>, with Liberapay
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  66. <h3><b>Merchandising</b></h3>
  67. Buy your own GNU social t-shirt at <a href="">Hackers at Porto Clothing</a>
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  70. <h3><b>Logos</b></h3>
  71. <a href="/assets/tgz/logos.tar.gz">gs-logos.tar.gz</a> (14.2 kB)
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