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<title>YAP Prolog</title>
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<h2>:- Packages</h2>
<p class="style1">
YAP includes several external packages that work with YAP. Our very
sincere thanks to the authors for allowing the inclusion of these
packages. The packages are:
<LI class="style1">
<p class="style1"><a href="">CHR</a>,
developed by Thom Fruewirth and Christian Holzbaur;
<p class="style1">&nbsp;<LI class="style1">
<p class="style1"><A
HREF="">clp(Q,R)</A>, developed by
Christian Holzbaur;</p>
<p class="style1">&nbsp;<li>
<p class="style1"><A HREF="">LogTalk: Open
ource object-oriented extension to Prolog</A></p>
<p class="style1">&nbsp;<LI class="style1">
<p class="style1">
<A HREF="">Pillow
1.1</A> developed by the ciao group at UPM.</p>
<p class="style1">&nbsp;</UL>
<p class="style1">
<p class="style1">The
</A>package is being developed at UFRJ and will soon be included in