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<title>YAP change log</title>
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<h1>Changes in YAP-5.0</h1>
<li> FIXED: excessive backtracking in multifile declaration.</li>
<li> FIXED: broken do_print_message for defined_elsewhere.</li>
<li> FIXED: debugger option.</li>
<li> FIXED: trace through undefined predicates correctly.</li>
<li> FIXED: WIN32 missing include files (untested)</li>
<li> FIXED: -L trouble (my thanks to Takeyuchi Shiramoto-san)!</li>
<li> FIXED: debugging of backtrable user-C preds would core dump.</li>
<li> FIXED: redeclaring a C-predicate as Prolog core dumps.</li>
<li> FIXED: badly protected YapInterface.h.</li>
<li> FIXED: break/0 was failing at exit.</li>
<li> FIXED: YAP_cut_fail and YAP_cut_succeed were different from manual.</li>
<li> FIXED: tracing through data-bases could core dump.</li>
<li> FIXED: cut could break on very large computations.</li>
<li> FIXED: first pass at BigNum issues (reported by Roberto).</li>
<li> FIXED: debugger could get go awol after fail port.</li>
<li> FIXED: weird message on wrong debugger option.</li>