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ActivityPub Plugin for GNU Social Doc




Attribute Description Nullable Type
id ID of the attachment no int32
mimetype Mimetype no string
url URL of the locally hosted version of the image no string
meta See attachment metadata below yes Array
title Attachment title no string

Attachment metadata:

Images may contain width, height, size.


The most important part of an error response is the HTTP status code. Standard semantics are followed. The body of an error is a JSON object with this structure:

Attribute Description Nullable Type
error A textual description of the error no string


Attribute Description Nullable Type
type "Image" no string
width Image's width no int32
height Image's height no int32
url Image URL no string


Attribute Description Nullable Type
id Notice's URL no string
type Notice's Type no string
actor URL of Notice owner profile page (can be remote) no string
published DateTime of notice creation no datetime
to To no string
cc CC no string
content Notice's Content in plain text no string
url Notice's URL no string
reply_to ID of the notice this replies yes int32
is_local Boolean, true if local, false otherwise no bool
conversation Notice conversation id no int32
attachment Array of Attachments no Array of Attachments
tag Array of Tags no Array of Tags


Attribute Description Nullable Type
@context Standard compliance no string
id Actor's id no int32
type "Person" no string
nickname Actor's nickname no string
is_local True if local, false otherwise no bool
inbox URL to Actor's inbox endpoint no string
outbox URL to Actor's outbox endpoint no string
display_name The Actor's display name no string
followers URL to Actor's followers endpoint no string
followers_count Total number of followers no int32
following URL to Actor's following endpoint no string
following_count Total number of following no int32
liked URL to Actor's Liked collection endpoint no string
liked_count Total number of favorites no int32
summary Actor's biography no string
url URL of the Actor's profile page (can be remote) no string
avatar Actor's avatar no Image


Attribute Description Nullable Type
name The hashtag, not including the preceding # no string
url The URL of the hashtag no string