19890 Commits (v3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eliseu Amaro f2b799dab9
[Plugins][FAVOURITE] Redirect added. Only redirects from the route the user came from, not the anchored note. To be added. Further corner cases fixed. 3 hours ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro e3380d018b
[ImageEncoder][VideoEncoder] Properly decide when to take action 3 hours ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 02e216600b
[CORE][GSFile] Respect mimetype whitelist and extensions blacklist before saving files 3 hours ago
  Eliseu Amaro 65c09a68c1
[Posting] Add Content Length constraint to form validation 3 hours ago
  Eliseu Amaro b99cbcc011
[UTIL][Common] Added Common::getUploadLimit(). 3 days ago
  Eliseu Amaro 9d404deee3
[SECURITY][Authenticator] fix wrong route id on after login redirection 3 hours ago
  Eliseu Amaro 853b585b6c
[Plugins][FAVOURITE] No longer a form, a link to a new page is provided instead. The amount of forms per page were blocking rendering for the majority of its duration. 2 days ago
  Hugo Sales 8ef44cb459
[TOOLS][PHPStan] Make a standalone phpstan executable, which executes inside the docker container 3 days ago
  Hugo Sales 5477c38f23
[TOOLS][PHPStan][DocCheck] Fix errors found by PHPStan and Doc Check 3 days ago
  Hugo Sales 7d75d35e8b
[TOOLS] Add doc-check target to Makefile 3 days ago
  Hugo Sales a4540ece7d
[DB][Note] Add langauge field to notes 3 days ago
  Hugo Sales 981a78e3e8
[CONTROLLER][UserPanel] Make all fields in settings not required 3 days ago
  Hugo Sales 1124379a95
[TOOLS][CS-FIXER] Run new PHP CS Fixer config. Notably, adds strict_types 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro aca3179a53
[CORE][Router] Properly act on Accept headers 4 days ago
  Eliseu Amaro 454da35005 [Core][Util] Hotfix: In App\Core\DB\DB persistWithSameId, casting the id to an int. In App\Util\HTML html, tag is now evaluated beforehand, making sure it's a string. 4 days ago
  Eliseu Amaro 4b7f6daf61 [TWIG][CSS] Template refactoring, classes and their respective CSS is now more consistent. CSS variables are back. 4 days ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro ec39a7c167
[ActivityPub] Port RSA 5 days ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 4c8674ce82
[FreeNetwork] First steps porting webfinger/lrdd to v3, GET webfinger requests already have a basic result 6 days ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 57a1d67c15
[UTIL][Nickname] Fix some parameters issues found with strict types 6 days ago
  Hugo Sales 08b2004f33
[TOOLS] Update Makefile to support both the new and old container naming conventions, as of docker-compose v2 6 days ago
  Hugo Sales 3e0637becc
[TOOLS][PHPStan] Add missing toString on the call to DB::filterName, as it seems something changed in some update 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Sales 646cf1c076
[TOOLS][CS-FIXER] Fix incorrect transformation 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Sales edfee58b64
[TOOLS][CS-FIXER] Run new PHP CS Fixer config. Notably, adds strict_types 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Sales 16ed134abc
[COMPONENTS][Search] Slightly refactor parser, since the inline lambda was somewhat complex (and cs-fixer kept moving the comment, so doc-checker complained) 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Sales 0578e6cf4b
[TOOLS] Update PHP CS fixer and adjust configuration 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Sales ecd7255129
[DEPENDENCIES] Update composer dependencies 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Sales b4881232c9
[COMPONENT][Search] Update Search to be able to search for either notes or actors 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Sales b01d893937
[UTIL][Formatting] Make it possible to supply string|array to either or both argument of Formatting::{starts,ends}With 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6a3abe7de9
[CORE][Controller] Allow routes without text/html response 6 days ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 03f6029ce5
[SECURITY] Fix nickname validation and properly allow email auth 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 071b769997
[CORE][Util][Common] Correct behaviour for absense of value 6 days ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 517ed953f2
[FreeNetwork] First step towards de-duplication mechanism for federation 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro bd5c426046 [TWIG] Removing unnecessary CSS classes. Removing network/feed CSS preloading. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 3cb6563c40 [TWIG][EndShowStyles] Route as an event argument 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 6412b632ab [CSS] Note actions size further compatibility work. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro e467cf5ec2 [CSS] Fixed: note actions size. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 31857e1eab [CSS] Fixed: User panel hr elements styling. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 1d6b22551b [CSS] Fixed: Body text colors weren´t applied. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro d4513e3597 [CSS] Browser compatibility improvements. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 78dd7137f8 [PLUGIN] ProfileColor color settings can be null. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro a268aee53a [CSS][PLUGIN] ProfileColor now handles both the background and foreground colors. Various button CSS fixes. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 5373655170 [CSS] Firefox ESR doesnt know what a colour is. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 2a2331d692 [CSS] Colours by classes. Refactored all CSS. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro caa04525bd [CSS] Fixed embed width. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 1705b543d3 [PLUGIN] Delete note action added. If the author of a note is logged in, the action will be added to that note. Once the author presses it, the note will be deleted from the DB. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 70d1521a2b [CSS] Fix: article header was being selected has the page header. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 17a13b3f20 [CSS] Fix: Left and right panel checkbox border when active. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 0dfb41230e [CSS] Fix: Instance name centered. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro 80d1be323d [COMPONENTS][Search][CSS] Extra header forms now accessible through a details element. Re-organizing templates structure. 2 weeks ago
  Eliseu Amaro d38ad60c76 [COMPONENTS][CSS] Adding components styling properly. 3 weeks ago