77 Commits (v3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hugo Sales 76f2cdd212
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies 1 month ago
  Hugo Sales d4b7e990ce
[CORE][Event] Make all events return \EventResult, enforced at container build time 8 months ago
  Hugo Sales 1d8bba3949
[TESTS][MODULES] Move Test Fixtures to tests/fixtures folder and add support for loading fixtures from components and plugins 8 months ago
  Hugo Sales c30fcead74
[DEPENDENCIES] Move from Symfony 5.4 to 6 and update all other packages, where applicable 8 months ago
  Hugo Sales afa8443949
[TESTS] Fix some failing tests broken by restructuring and dependency updates 8 months ago
  Hugo Sales 5f243f68be
[DEPENDENCIES] Add symfony/psr-http-message-bridge 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 480f570238
[CORE][SECURITY][HTML] Refactor Security::sanitize to HTML::sanitize 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales f3a7e8f04d
[TOOLS] Remove CodeCeption files from composer autoload-dev, since they're not available before installing, and ignore errors in PHPStan 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 38baa192d8
[DEPENDENCIES][TOOL] Add codeception and bootstrap it for acceptance and accessibility testing 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales ba0b0629b7
[TOOLS] Fix deprecations in php-doc-check by providing my own implementation 11 months ago
  Hugo Sales 2dbc35fcc3
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies 11 months ago
  Hugo Sales edd996d281
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies, including PHPStan to dev version 11 months ago
  Hugo Sales 52e2231661
[DEPENDENCIES] Update PHPStan and other dependencies 11 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6f0d9add08
[DEPENDENCIES] Run composer after php version bump from 8.0 to 8.1 11 months ago
  Hugo Sales 774b33a522
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies and Symfony to 5.4 LTS 11 months ago
  Hugo Sales ab5e074d9e
[DEPENDENCIES] Update lstrojny/functional-php 11 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro b1227d36f1
[CARDS][Note] In conversation time ago information added 11 months ago
  Hugo Sales 5e4ada7b78
[DEPENDENCIES] Update symfony to 5.3, which fixes a bug with the doctrine postgres message worker 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 51c984849f
[ActivityPub] Port Explorer 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 8fdc52636f
[ActivityPub] Port RSA 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 7aad58b440
[DEPENDENCIES] Update composer dependencies 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales ecb1064d08
[DEPENDENCIES] Add PHPStan as a dev dependency 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 6ac37bc7fb
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro ac45008240
[Embed] Move composer dependency embed/embed from core to plugin 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro b355f0d590
[DEV] Add PsySH REPL 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales c3d2f04841
[DEPENDENCIES] Add symfonycasts/reset-password-bundle as a dependency 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales f2727f9327
[DEPENDENCIES] Add doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle, which allows populating the database in the testing environment 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 186e31e20d
[DEPENDENCIES] Add ext-curl 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 8ad8546aab
[DEPENDENCIES] Add oroinc/doctrine-extensions, which provides cross database platform date functions 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales b647e31495
[DEPENDENCIES] Add 'embed/embed', 'nyholm/psr7' and 'symfony/dom-crawler' 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 081b0de919
[DOCKER] Add VIPS PHP extension to Docker build 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales ed59cce0f9
[COMPOSER][Media] Add example composer.json in plugins/Media 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 5f4815b12f
[DEPENDENCIES] Add wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 92d0848280
[DEPENDENCIES] Add jchook/phpunit-assert-throws and update dependencies 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 121faccb22
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies, including redis-polyfill, to be able to implement a test 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales f5a6e2f047
[DEPENDENCIES] Upgrade to Symfony 5.2 to get my upstream ICU translation feature 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 9cd5560081
[DOCKER] Bump to PHP version 8 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales de8fa87079
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales a5cf89674e
[DEPENDENCY] Add tgalopin/html-sanitizer-bundle and transitively tgalopin/html-sanitizer 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 292c9dc862
[COMPOSER][MODULE] Add autoloading rules for components and plugins 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales ead29a636d
[DEPENDENCY] Add odolbeau/phone-number-bundle 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 672e2b80eb
[DEPENDENCY] Add symfonycasts/verify-email-bundle 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 8f68bde21a
[DEPENDENCY] Add symfony/config as a dependency 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 4776cff969
[DEPENDENCY] Add mock polyfill implementations of the redis and memcached extension 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 2671c37039
[PHP][EXTENSION][POLYFILL] Add php-ds polyfill, which is used if the native extension is not available 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 81dd2e4c72
[DEPENDENCY] Add symfony/cache as a dependency 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 441fd8490f
[DEPENDENCY] Add symfony/messenger as a dependency 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 5b5ca6ccea
[DEPENDENCY] Add wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin as a dependency, to allow managing plugins 2 years ago
  rainydaysavings ac46c14344
[DEPENDENCY] Add erusev/parsedown and twig/markdown-extra as dependencies 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 0eb0d21007
[TOOLS] Fix bootstrap and pre-commit scripts 2 years ago