19836 Commits (2d8b220e92e1e6f5eb4ffb9e765e469f92141ecf)

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  Hugo Sales 2d8b220e92
[CORE][Controller] Make Controller abstract, `handle` an optional non static method and use `static::class` rather than `get_called_class` 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 4fef97f930 [CSS] Profile text mix blend difference with background. Browser's cache 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro ab26162217 [CARDS][Profile] No longer ids, now classes (CSS). Profile info nickname for instance. The inversion filter now actually works. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro f8c108bdf3 [CSS] Profile text color doesn't blend in anymore. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro fdd43f4b11 [CSS] More consistent padding across input elements. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 5249ccfc68 [Posting][CSS] Right panel form render simplified. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 3001f91918 [CSS] Very slight shadow on key elements. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro ff26831d1e [CSS] Note action icons back to a sane size. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 20ae2dba5d
[CSS] Reverting desktop side margins. All margins, sizes, radius, etc were redone. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 4a17adc182
[PLUGINS][ProfileColor] Actors are now shown with their own colors for other. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 7b8eb3fda9
[PLUGINS][ProfileColor] Current color is now selected by default. Not found exception is now handled. 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro a681acae67
[ENTITY][AttachmentThumbnail] Every image should have width and height attributes 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 808da203ad [PLUGINS][ProfileColor] Settings page render problem fixed. ColorType given data wasn't a string. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 57b94af9f6 [PLUGINS][ProfileColor] Re-organized plugins templates and assets. ProfileColor plugin fixed. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 765cf66ff2 [CSS] Simplified window resize media queries. Desktop view's left and right margins were wrong. Some embedded links with empty blocks had padding on them again, fixed. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 321d5b4be8 [CSS] Embedded width didn't conform to note's own properly. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro fe77dc0996 [CSS] Resetting headers browser styling. Fixing embedded links styling inconsistencies. 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 3268559f9a
[AttachmentThumbnail] Use other thumbnail when requested isn't available and there's no original file 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro b6d80003d8 [CSS] Note attachments layout fix. Added a very small radius to avatars. 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 3ef1077f90
[DOCKER] TODOify mail server certificate 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro be8610a7a1 [CSS] Note attachments uses a grid layout now. 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales af3531f1c7
[CORE][GSFile] Add type annotation to the `$encoders` used in attachment handling 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales bb81f1f717
[Embed] Use new attachment route format 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 6a2c3eb711
[ImageEncoder] Ensure proper memory limits are used when loading images from disk 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 1c1bef76ef [Cards][Navigation] Navigation cards! Left panel now composed entirely of cards. 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 21e598d877
[ENTITY][Actor] Fix issue with deleting a self tag 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 4820a863a9
[Avatar] Fix cache usage and other minor bugs 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 64c881173b [Cards][Profile] Fixing nested anchor tags. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro a439b7130e [Cards][Profile] Re-organizing elements. 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro a557ba0224 [Timelines][Plugins][Left] Plugins now provide their path ID. Feed redone as it's own independant template. 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 05f16a3084
[ENTITY][AttachmentThumbnail] Now thumbnails are always only available in three sizes: small, medium, big 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 7beb5c2995
[GSFile] Fix sanitize configuration 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro c1e7d486a3
[Posting] Fix bug with early DB::flush that would discard attachments relations 10 months ago
  Eliseu Amaro 3f618c2674 [TWIG][Cards][Profile] Card templates! Profile now has a card template to be used everywhere you need to show quick actor information. 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales c6082bab10
[COMPONENT][Tag] Update tag stream to use new pagedStream format 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 69e7dc44bd
[ENTITY][Note] Change `isVisibleTo` to allow for not supplying an actor 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 879f54c772
[CACHE] Filter notes by scope in `pagedStream` 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 14c173df7a
[CACHE][COMPONENT][Tag] Add generic Cache::pagedStream and use it for the tag stream. Note that it doesn't respect scope yet 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 6cd86cac25
[COMPONENT][Tag] Add tag stream, with paging 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 2f3f7b8469
[COMPONENTS][Posting][Link][Tag] Pass the note, not just the id in ProcessNoteContent 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 7926f18f93
[CONFIG] Add streams:notes_per_page config value 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 6715a036e9
[CACHE] Add way to fetch limit,offset values from a list 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 15a87055a6
[DOCKER][Redis] Add way to override Redis config. Default to only one database 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales ce80065775
[DB] Add mechanism for specifying limit and offset in dql query 10 months ago
  Hugo Sales 91fd7d1cfa
[CONFIG][CORE] Fix bug in overriding default config 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 8bb6285522
[ENTITY][Note] A note may have no content 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro b7298eaa44
[ENTITY] ActorTag: use getter for tag name on toString 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 9e4c43e8fd
[ActivityStreamsTwo] Further work on routes and use render event on note's content 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 7813723ca1
[ActivityPub] Inbox must work without actor, specify source for AS2 10 months ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 958cbffb91
[Posting] Add text/html content type, must actually treat it 10 months ago