29 Commits (2d8b220e92e1e6f5eb4ffb9e765e469f92141ecf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hugo Sales 2d8b220e92
[CORE][Controller] Make Controller abstract, `handle` an optional non static method and use `static::class` rather than `get_called_class` 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 67d62cf37b
[TWIG] Remove kludge event TwigPopulateVars 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 365edbaff0
[ActivityStreamsTwo] Initial Actor support 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 4e30e5aad9
[TOOLS] Fix all issues found by PHPStan level 2 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales add8f4a52f
[TOOLS] Fix all errors found by PHPStan level 1 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales e8ae0b74e0
[CORE][Controller] Switch order for content negotiation: allow events to take precedence. Bring back default JSON response 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 1d5fd1aefa
[CORE][Controller] Fix `Controller::__invoke` so it actually passes on the route parameters to the controller method. Add `Controller->string`, which gets a query parameter as a string value, or null if not set 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales be27a10244
[EVENTS] Rename event `RouteInFormat` to `ControllerResponseInFormat` 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro fd3b57dc24
[CORE][Controller] Make it possible for plugins to add different content-types to existing routes 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales bda839be7b
[MODULES] Add InitiializeModule and CleanupModule events, similar to v2 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 26bf78360b
[ROUTER][UTIL] Allow specifying the Accept format for a route 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 21a5bbe639
[CORE][Controller] Fix JSON response and add test annotations 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 51f8f004b3
[CORE][CONTROLLER] Add TODO to Controller base class as to where our custom exception pages would be implemented 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales e6d20bd30d
[CORE][Controller][TESTS] Fix issue that arrises in tests where the Accept header is not specified 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro ce39f6ca4a
[DOCS][Dev] Add Routes and Controllers 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales e9a96f1c9b
[DOCUMENTATION] Add high level code walkthrough to developer docs 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 0d01f1d060
[CORE] Add functionality to App\Core\Controller to get and validate GET parameters 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 460712e15e
[GIT] Change my email to the new one in all files and bump copyright year 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales e8feb2ae84
[DOCUMENTATION][REFACTOR] Add documentation to all flagged function and do some small cleanup 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 1949e0b987
[EVENT] Rename event names to camel case to make finding handlers easier 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 2164f21834
[Controller] Fix exception handler to recurse on the exception's previous (in some contexts, RedirectException gets wrapped) 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales b906dde059
[EXCEPTION][UI][UX] Add RedirectException, which can be thrown anywhere to redirect somewhere, and an exception handler 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 9159fe8d05
[CONTROLLER] Stop propagation of kernel.controller so notices aren't posted 5 times. Not sure why it happens otherwise 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales e1002eb605
[MEDIA] Move avatar fetching and adding to ouput to media component 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 8716d700a6
[CORE][DB] Fix uses of db tables after previous restructure 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 4128a5403d
[MEDIA][EXCEPTIONS] Fix errors and deprecations 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales bd8f4bd277
[AVATAR] Fixed avatar upload, added avatar inline download and updated template and base controller 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales cac00dd6d4
[CONTROLLER][ROUTES] Refactor the base Controller to not reinvent the wheel too much and rely on Symfony's events 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales 59b2b98537
[CONTROLLER] Add Controller base class, which handles rendering templates if requested HTML or json, accordingly 2 years ago
  rainydaysavings 996f2338a5
[CONTROLLER] UserAdminPanel handle request fix 2 years ago
  rainydaysavings 82d50cc962
[TWIG][UI] Settings: removed unnecessary pages, responsive CSS work 2 years ago
  rainydaysavings 1498c44e74
[UI][CONTROLLER] Settings page styling almost done. 2 years ago
  rainydaysavings 432dfdd0ae
[UI][ROUTES][CONTROLLER] Settings pages routes and styling done. 2 years ago
  rainydaysavings ad107542d9
[TWIG][UI] CSS refactoring, containerized twig blocks and settings initial work 3 years ago
  Hugo Sales 44eaf43ba9
[ROUTE][ADMIN][CONFIG] Add route to update values in the config table 2 years ago
  Hugo Sales f283613443
[I18N] Refactor since rfc/use-static-function is not implemented 3 years ago
  Hugo Sales 4ffb7c338f
[CORE] Refactoring core 3 years ago
  Hugo Sales 87bc60a806
[UI][CONFIG] Added admin configuration form 3 years ago