20584 Commits (fb76775716a0631fda3473a116e706bfc3d28e49)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bruno Aleixo fb76775716 [TOOLS][COMPONENTS][CORE] Ran cs-fixer on all files 1 year ago
  Bruno Aleixo 162b01e2c5 [CORE] Unset sensitive information from the environment 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro afd1211852
[CSS] Using accent-color rule to stylize checkbox 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 8f8070036c
[CSS] Eliminated repeated rules, improved icon alignment, and removed checkbox and radio custom styling 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 2e6f91f34e
[FORM][ActorForms] Fullname length is now validated prior to being set 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 5036b72a71
[ENTITY][Actor] Nickname is lower case transformed when generating 'actor_view_nickname', making sure that actor pages are linked accordingly 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro a17a514bfd
[CONTROLLER][Security] Further sanity checks and validation done on email entry 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 1576d253a5
[CONTROLLER][UserPanel] Email is now sanitized and validated before calling corresponding setter 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 64a698d255
[COMPONENTS][Search] Polished search template for a clearer header hierarchy 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro ab6dabf4f7
[CSS] Fix issue where panels wouldn't scroll independantly 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 222e1fbb2b
[PLUGINS][AttachmentShowRelated] Replacing h2 with span, its supposed to be complementary content, not main 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 117549bf1e
[PLUGINS][Favourite] Remove favourite action properly removes note_favourite Entity now [COMPONENTS][Collection] Simplyfying feed-action-details template section 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro adf484f58a
[COMPONENTS][Posting] No error to ignore was reported on line 161, removed ignore 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 16e7d6cff7
[COMPONENTS] Documenting methods with high cognitive complexity, specifically in Group and Posting components 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 6a5312aca9
[CORE][GNUsocial] social.local.yaml is now updated with the proper node name 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 14bb1b2876
[COMPONENTS][Conversation] Note being replied to now appears before Posting's own form, RightPanel is also open by default on smaller screens when the current route is 'conversation_reply_to' 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales c7c5fe7979
[PLUGIN][OAuth2] Add 'me' field to token responses 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales fa0d02a9ac
[PLUGIN][OAuth2] Start adding OAuth2 support with client registration 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 4736146b80
[TOOLS] Update autocode, allow for abstract entity classes, derive namespace from file rather than using 'get_declared_classes' 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro e3bfb1ebc5
[CSS] .note-info text will automatically crop when no space is available, on hover will show contents 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro ee04571f4d
[TWIG] Various fixes related to header elements hierarchy 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro bf07fa1ade
[COMPONENTS][Collection] Added PrependActorsCollection event [COMPONENTS][Group] Added getGroupCreateForm, used in PrependActorsCollection event to build create a new Group form view 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro e4a3438d55
[CORE][I18n] Fixing 'file_get_contents(): Argument #1 () must be of type string, Symfony\Component\Finder\SplFileInfo given' error by using Symfony's Finder to iterate through existing files 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6b1c6f603e
[CORE][ActorLocalRoles] Improve Roles 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 5f243f68be
[DEPENDENCIES] Add symfony/psr-http-message-bridge 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 68c3204e71
[DEPENDENCIES] Update dependencies 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 559f6d650b
[COMPONENT][Language] Fix template name in language sorting 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 3d9edd1db8
[COMPONENTS][LeftPanel] Edit feeds page polish, existing links are shown in a grid, saving space 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 402300fe93
[COMPONENTS][Search] Fixing Search form incorrect class names 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro e2e1b0172d
[COMPONENTS][Collection] Actors view template ordering section polished [PLUGINS][RepeatNote] Note to be repeated now uses full note card 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro f731850f5c
[CSS] .section-widget class and derivatives replaced as .frame-section, since a widget implies a simple element with a specific function 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 7d546e8901
[CSS] Improved performance, reduced padding [COMPONENTS][LeftPanel] Consolidated CSS into base.css [COMPONENTS][RightPanel] Consolidated CSS into base.css [PLUGINS][WebMonetization] Replaced fieldset with section 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro bdeb3bcff5
[PLUGIN][ActivityPub] Federate Actor of types other than Person 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 25b2847201
[TOOLS][AYY1] Improve accesibility testing to save images and compare the differences against a reference (tests/screenshots/ 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 23d45ffab7
[UTIL][Formatting] Mention prefix was hardcoded, fixed. 1 year ago
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro b253ce5e70
[DOCS][Design] Add guidelines menu entry 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro c4f9e58e8d
[COMPONENTS][Attachment] Fixed typo on attachmentShowWithNote, where the template called was somehow replaced with a child of it 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 6ab740d780
[COMPONENT][Search][UI] Fix template, which included the search builder form inside the search form, chaos ensuing 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales de795b78f9
[DOCKER][DEPENDENCIES] Restructure PHP Dockerfile to install each package in separate layers and add WikiMedia texvc 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 29d498770c
[COMPONENTS][Group] Create a group route added, template polished 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro d7039b1c5c
[COMPONENTS][Group] Create a group route added, template polished 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 1856af68b3
[PLUGIN][RepeatNote][COMPONENTS][Posting] Review and fix RepeatNote. Handle attachment lives in Posting 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 9bd1f42843
[TOOLS] Use sudo to remove files 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 145c88d43f
[ENTITY][Note] Only attempt to find mentions if we have content 1 year ago
  Hugo Sales 4717dde12e
[TWIG][I18N] Improve base template facilitate translations of the accessibility panel text 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro c028a601a5
[COMPONENTS][Group] Create a group route added, template polished 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 692ecf1c99
[TWIG] Improved templates HTML structure, removed unnecessary element nesting, and refactored content sectioning 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 242fe3fd6e
[PLUGINS][PinnedNotes] Replacing arbitary size values with common variables 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro dbdf1d9b0b
[CSS] Fixed footer responsiveness, since its content wouldn't wrap up from insuficient space for all of its content 1 year ago
  Eliseu Amaro 7daa61500d
[COMPONENTS][Collection] Notes collection template now has a default title 1 year ago