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UPGRADE FROM 5.x to 6.0


  • Removed RemoteJsonManifestVersionStrategy, use JsonManifestVersionStrategy instead.


  • Remove UserLoaderInterface::loadUserByUsername() in favor of UserLoaderInterface::loadUserByIdentifier()
  • Add argument $bundleDir to AbstractDoctrineExtension::getMappingDriverBundleConfigDefaults()
  • Add argument $bundleDir to AbstractDoctrineExtension::getMappingResourceConfigDirectory()


  • Remove DoctrineProvider and DoctrineAdapter because these classes have been added to the doctrine/cache package
  • PdoAdapter does not accept Doctrine\DBAL\Connection or DBAL URL. Use the new DoctrineDbalAdapter instead


  • The signature of method NodeDefinition::setDeprecated() has been updated to NodeDefinition::setDeprecation(string $package, string $version, string $message).
  • The signature of method BaseNode::setDeprecated() has been updated to BaseNode::setDeprecation(string $package, string $version, string $message).
  • Passing a null message to BaseNode::setDeprecated() to un-deprecate a node is not supported anymore.
  • Removed BaseNode::getDeprecationMessage(), use BaseNode::getDeprecation() instead.


  • Command::setHidden() has a default value (true) for $hidden parameter
  • Remove Helper::strlen(), use Helper::width() instead.
  • Remove Helper::strlenWithoutDecoration(), use Helper::removeDecoration() instead.
  • Remove HelperSet::setCommand() and getCommand() without replacement


  • The signature of method Definition::setDeprecated() has been updated to Definition::setDeprecation(string $package, string $version, string $message).
  • The signature of method Alias::setDeprecated() has been updated to Alias::setDeprecation(string $package, string $version, string $message).
  • The signature of method DeprecateTrait::deprecate() has been updated to DeprecateTrait::deprecation(string $package, string $version, string $message).
  • Removed the Psr\Container\ContainerInterface and Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerInterface aliases of the service_container service, configure them explicitly instead.
  • Removed Definition::getDeprecationMessage(), use Definition::getDeprecation() instead.
  • Removed Alias::getDeprecationMessage(), use Alias::getDeprecation() instead.
  • The inline() function from the PHP-DSL has been removed, use inline_service() instead.
  • The ref() function from the PHP-DSL has been removed, use service() instead.
  • Removed Definition::setPrivate() and Alias::setPrivate(), use setPublic() instead


  • Removed the parents() method, use ancestors() instead.


  • Removed argument $usePutenv from Dotenv's constructor, use Dotenv::usePutenv() instead.


  • Removed LegacyEventDispatcherProxy. Use the event dispatcher without the proxy.


  • Remove Comparator::setTarget() and Comparator::setOperator()
  • The $target parameter of Comparator::__construct() is now mandatory


  • FormErrorIterator::children() throws an exception if the current element is not iterable.
  • The default value of the rounding_mode option of the PercentType has been changed to \NumberFormatter::ROUND_HALFUP.
  • The default rounding mode of the PercentToLocalizedStringTransformer has been changed to \NumberFormatter::ROUND_HALFUP.
  • Added the getIsEmptyCallback() method to the FormConfigInterface.
  • Added the setIsEmptyCallback() method to the FormConfigBuilderInterface.
  • Added argument callable|null $filter to ChoiceListFactoryInterface::createListFromChoices() and createListFromLoader().
  • The Symfony\Component\Form\Extension\Validator\Util\ServerParams class has been removed, use its parent Symfony\Component\Form\Util\ServerParams instead.
  • The NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer::ROUND_* constants have been removed, use \NumberFormatter::ROUND_* instead.
  • Removed PropertyPathMapper in favor of DataMapper and PropertyPathAccessor.
  • Changed $forms parameter type of the DataMapper::mapDataToForms() method from iterable to \Traversable.
  • Changed $forms parameter type of the DataMapper::mapFormsToData() method from iterable to \Traversable.
  • Changed $checkboxes parameter type of the CheckboxListMapper::mapDataToForms() method from iterable to \Traversable.
  • Changed $checkboxes parameter type of the CheckboxListMapper::mapFormsToData() method from iterable to \Traversable.
  • Changed $radios parameter type of the RadioListMapper::mapDataToForms() method from iterable to \Traversable.
  • Changed $radios parameter type of the RadioListMapper::mapFormsToData() method from iterable to \Traversable.


  • Remove the framework.translator.enabled_locales config option, use framework.enabled_locales instead
  • Remove the alias and* services, use the alias and* services instead
  • Remove framework.session.storage_id configuration option, use the framework.session.storage_factory_id configuration option instead
  • Remove the session service and the SessionInterface alias, use the \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request::getSession() or the new \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\RequestStack::getSession() methods instead
  • MicroKernelTrait::configureRoutes() is now always called with a RoutingConfigurator
  • The "framework.router.utf8" configuration option defaults to true
  • Removed session.attribute_bag service and session.flash_bag service.
  • The form.factory, form.type.file, profiler, translator, security.csrf.token_manager, serializer, cache_clearer, filesystem and validator services are now private.
  • Removed the lock.RESOURCE_NAME and services and the lock, LockInterface, and PersistingStoreInterface aliases, use lock.RESOURCE_NAME.factory, lock.factory or LockFactory instead.
  • Remove the KernelTestCase::$container property, use KernelTestCase::getContainer() instead
  • Registered workflow services are now private
  • Remove option --xliff-version of the translation:update command, use e.g. --output-format=xlf20 instead
  • Remove option --output-format of the translation:update command, use e.g. --output-format=xlf20 instead
  • Remove the AdapterInterface autowiring alias, use CacheItemPoolInterface instead
  • Remove get(), has(), getDoctrine(), and dispatchMessage() in AbstractController, use method/constructor injection instead
  • Deprecate the cache.adapter.doctrine service: The Doctrine Cache library is deprecated. Either switch to Symfony Cache or use the PSR-6 adapters provided by Doctrine Cache.
  • Make the framework.messenger.reset_on_message configuration option default to true
  • In framework.cache configuration, using the cache.adapter.pdo with a Doctrine DBAL connection is no longer supported, use cache.adapter.doctrine_dbal instead.


  • Remove the NamespacedAttributeBag class
  • Removed Response::create(), JsonResponse::create(), RedirectResponse::create(), StreamedResponse::create() and BinaryFileResponse::create() methods (use __construct() instead)
  • Not passing a Closure together with FILTER_CALLBACK to ParameterBag::filter() throws an \InvalidArgumentException; wrap your filter in a closure instead
  • Not passing a Closure together with FILTER_CALLBACK to InputBag::filter() throws an \InvalidArgumentException; wrap your filter in a closure instead
  • Rename RequestStack::getMasterRequest() to getMainRequest()
  • Not passing FILTER_REQUIRE_ARRAY or FILTER_FORCE_ARRAY flags to InputBag::filter() when filtering an array will throw BadRequestException
  • Retrieving non-scalar values using InputBag::get() will throw BadRequestException (use InputBad::all() instead to retrieve an array)
  • Passing non-scalar default value as the second argument InputBag::get() will throw \InvalidArgumentException
  • Passing non-scalar, non-array value as the second argument InputBag::set() will throw \InvalidArgumentException
  • Passing null as $requestIp to IpUtils::__checkIp(), IpUtils::__checkIp4() or IpUtils::__checkIp6() is not supported anymore.
  • Remove the upload_progress.* and url_rewriter.tags session options


  • Remove ArgumentInterface
  • Remove ArgumentMetadata::getAttribute(), use getAttributes() instead
  • Make WarmableInterface::warmUp() return a list of classes or files to preload on PHP 7.4+
  • Remove support for service:action syntax to reference controllers. Use serviceOrFqcn::method instead.
  • Remove support for returning a ContainerBuilder from KernelInterface::registerContainerConfiguration()
  • Rename HttpKernelInterface::MASTER_REQUEST to MAIN_REQUEST
  • Rename KernelEvent::isMasterRequest() to isMainRequest()


  • The component has been removed, use EnglishInflector from the String component instead.


  • Removed the NotSupportedException. It shouldn't be thrown anymore.
  • Removed the RetryTillSaveStore. Logic has been moved in Lock and is not needed anymore.
  • Removed usage of PdoStore with a Doctrine\DBAL\Connection or a DBAL url, use the new DoctrineDbalStore instead
  • Removed usage of PostgreSqlStore with a Doctrine\DBAL\Connection or a DBAL url, use the new DoctrineDbalPostgreSqlStore instead


  • Removed the SesApiTransport class. Use SesApiAsyncAwsTransport instead.
  • Removed the SesHttpTransport class. Use SesHttpAsyncAwsTransport instead.


  • Removed AmqpExt transport. Run composer require symfony/amqp-messenger to keep the transport in your application.
  • Removed Doctrine transport. Run composer require symfony/doctrine-messenger to keep the transport in your application.
  • Removed RedisExt transport. Run composer require symfony/redis-messenger to keep the transport in your application.
  • Use of invalid options in Redis and AMQP connections now throws an error.
  • The signature of method RetryStrategyInterface::isRetryable() has been updated to RetryStrategyInterface::isRetryable(Envelope $message, \Throwable $throwable = null).
  • The signature of method RetryStrategyInterface::getWaitingTime() has been updated to RetryStrategyInterface::getWaitingTime(Envelope $message, \Throwable $throwable = null).
  • Removed the prefetch_count parameter in the AMQP bridge.
  • Removed the use of TLS option for Redis Bridge, use rediss:// instead of redis://
  • The delete_after_ack config option of the Redis transport now defaults to true


  • Removed Address::fromString(), use Address::create() instead


  • The $actionLevel constructor argument of Symfony\Bridge\Monolog\Handler\FingersCrossed\NotFoundActivationStrategy has been replaced by the $inner one which expects an ActivationStrategyInterface to decorate instead. Symfony\Bridge\Monolog\Handler\FingersCrossed\NotFoundActivationStrategy is now final.
  • The $actionLevel constructor argument of Symfony\Bridge\Monolog\Handler\FingersCrossed\HttpCodeActivationStrategy has been replaced by the $inner one which expects an ActivationStrategyInterface to decorate instead. Symfony\Bridge\Monolog\Handler\FingersCrossed\HttpCodeActivationStrategy is now final.
  • Remove ResetLoggersWorkerSubscriber in favor of "reset_on_message" option in messenger configuration


  • Remove SlackOptions::channel(), use SlackOptions::recipient() instead.


  • The signature of method OptionsResolver::setDeprecated() has been updated to OptionsResolver::setDeprecated(string $option, string $package, string $version, $message).
  • Removed OptionsResolverIntrospector::getDeprecationMessage(), use OptionsResolverIntrospector::getDeprecation() instead.


  • Removed support for @expectedDeprecation annotations, use the ExpectDeprecationTrait::expectDeprecation() method instead.
  • Removed the SetUpTearDownTrait trait, use original methods with "void" return typehint.


  • Drop support for booleans as the second argument of PropertyAccessor::__construct(), pass a combination of bitwise flags instead.
  • Dropped support for booleans as the first argument of PropertyAccessor::__construct(). Pass a combination of bitwise flags instead.


  • Removed the Type::getCollectionKeyType() and Type::getCollectionValueType() methods, use Type::getCollectionKeyTypes() and Type::getCollectionValueTypes() instead.
  • Dropped the enable_magic_call_extraction context option in ReflectionExtractor::getWriteInfo() and ReflectionExtractor::getReadInfo() in favor of enable_magic_methods_extraction.


  • Removed RouteCollectionBuilder.
  • Added argument $priority to RouteCollection::add()
  • Removed the RouteCompiler::REGEX_DELIMITER constant
  • Removed the $data parameter from the constructor of the Route annotation class


  • Remove AuthenticationEvents::AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE, use the LoginFailureEvent instead

  • Remove the $authenticationEntryPoint argument of ChannelListener

  • Remove RetryAuthenticationEntryPoint, this code was inlined in the ChannelListener

  • Remove FormAuthenticationEntryPoint and BasicAuthenticationEntryPoint, the FormLoginAuthenticator and HttpBasicAuthenticator should be used instead.

  • Remove AbstractRememberMeServices, PersistentTokenBasedRememberMeServices, RememberMeServicesInterface, TokenBasedRememberMeServices, use the remember me handler alternatives instead

  • Remove AnonymousToken

  • Remove Token::getCredentials(), tokens should no longer contain credentials (as they represent authenticated sessions)

  • Restrict the return type of Token::getUser() to UserInterface (removing string|\Stringable)

  • Remove AuthenticatedVoter::IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY and AuthenticatedVoter::IS_ANONYMOUS, use AuthenticatedVoter::PUBLIC_ACCESS instead.


    # config/packages/security.yaml
        # ...
            - { path: ^/login, roles: IS_AUTHENTICATED_ANONYMOUSLY }


    # config/packages/security.yaml
        # ...
            - { path: ^/login, roles: PUBLIC_ACCESS }
  • Remove AuthenticationTrustResolverInterface::isAnonymous() and the is_anonymous() expression function as anonymous no longer exists in version 6, use the isFullFledged() or the new isAuthenticated() instead if you want to check if the request is (fully) authenticated.

  • Remove the 4th and 5th argument of AuthorizationChecker

  • Remove the 5th argument of AccessListener

  • Remove class User, use InMemoryUser or your own implementation instead. If you are using the isAccountNonLocked(), isAccountNonExpired() or isCredentialsNonExpired() method, consider re-implementing them in your own user class as they are not part of the InMemoryUser API

  • Remove class UserChecker, use InMemoryUserChecker or your own implementation instead

  • Remove UserInterface::getPassword() If your getPassword() method does not return null (i.e. you are using password-based authentication), you should implement PasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface.


    use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserInterface;
    class User implements UserInterface
        // ...
        public function getPassword()
            return $this->password;


    use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserInterface;
    use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\PasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface;
    class User implements UserInterface, PasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface
        // ...
        public function getPassword(): ?string
            return $this->password;
  • Remove UserInterface::getSalt() If your getSalt() method does not return null (i.e. you are using password-based authentication with an old password hash algorithm that requires user-provided salts), implement LegacyPasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface.


    use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserInterface;
    class User implements UserInterface
        // ...
        public function getPassword()
            return $this->password;
        public function getSalt()
            return $this->salt;


    use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\UserInterface;
    use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\User\LegacyPasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface;
    class User implements UserInterface, LegacyPasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface
        // ...
        public function getPassword(): ?string
            return $this->password;
        public function getSalt(): ?string
            return $this->salt;
  • Remove UserInterface::getUsername() in favor of UserInterface::getUserIdentifier()

  • Remove TokenInterface::getUsername() in favor of TokenInterface::getUserIdentifier()

  • Remove UserProviderInterface::loadUserByUsername() in favor of UserProviderInterface::loadUserByIdentifier()

  • Remove UsernameNotFoundException in favor of UserNotFoundException and getUsername()/setUsername() in favor of getUserIdentifier()/setUserIdentifier()

  • Remove PersistentTokenInterface::getUsername() in favor of PersistentTokenInterface::getUserIdentifier()

  • Calling PasswordUpgraderInterface::upgradePassword() with a UserInterface instance that does not implement PasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface now throws a \TypeError.

  • Calling methods hashPassword(), isPasswordValid() and needsRehash() on UserPasswordHasherInterface with a UserInterface instance that does not implement PasswordAuthenticatedUserInterface now throws a \TypeError

  • Drop all classes in the Core\Encoder\ sub-namespace, use the PasswordHasher component instead

  • Drop support for SessionInterface $session as constructor argument of SessionTokenStorage, inject a \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\RequestStack $requestStack instead

  • Drop support for session provided by the ServiceLocator injected in UsageTrackingTokenStorage, provide a request_stack service instead

  • Make SessionTokenStorage throw a SessionNotFoundException when called outside a request context

  • Removed ROLE_PREVIOUS_ADMIN role in favor of IS_IMPERSONATOR attribute

  • Removed LogoutSuccessHandlerInterface and LogoutHandlerInterface, register a listener on the LogoutEvent event instead.

  • Removed DefaultLogoutSuccessHandler in favor of DefaultLogoutListener.

  • Added a logout(Request $request, Response $response, TokenInterface $token) method to the RememberMeServicesInterface.

  • Removed setProviderKey()/getProviderKey() in favor of setFirewallName()/getFirewallName() in PreAuthenticatedToken, RememberMeToken, SwitchUserToken, UsernamePasswordToken, DefaultAuthenticationSuccessHandler.

  • Removed the AbstractRememberMeServices::$providerKey property in favor of AbstractRememberMeServices::$firewallName

  • AccessDecisionManager now throw an exception when a voter does not return a valid decision.

  • Remove AuthenticationManagerInterface, AuthenticationProviderManager, AnonymousAuthenticationProvider, AuthenticationProviderInterface, DaoAuthenticationProvider, LdapBindAuthenticationProvider, PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationProvider, RememberMeAuthenticationProvider, UserAuthenticationProvider and AuthenticationFailureEvent from security-core, use the new authenticator system instead

  • Remove AbstractAuthenticationListener, AbstractPreAuthenticatedListener, AnonymousAuthenticationListener, BasicAuthenticationListener, RememberMeListener, RemoteUserAuthenticationListener, UsernamePasswordFormAuthenticationListener, UsernamePasswordJsonAuthenticationListener and X509AuthenticationListener from security-http, use the new authenticator system instead

  • Remove the Guard component, use the new authenticator system instead

  • Remove TokenInterface:isAuthenticated() and setAuthenticated(), return null from getUser() instead when a token is not authenticated

  • Remove DeauthenticatedEvent, use TokenDeauthenticatedEvent instead

  • Remove CookieClearingLogoutHandler, SessionLogoutHandler and CsrfTokenClearingLogoutHandler. Use CookieClearingLogoutListener, SessionLogoutListener and CsrfTokenClearingLogoutListener instead

  • Remove AuthenticatorInterface::createAuthenticatedToken(), use AuthenticatorInterface::createToken() instead

  • Remove PassportInterface, UserPassportInterface and PassportTrait, use Passport instead. Also, the return type declaration of AuthenticatorInterface::authenticate() was changed to Passport


    class MyAuthenticator implements AuthenticatorInterface
        public function authenticate(Request $request): PassportInterface


    class MyAuthenticator implements AuthenticatorInterface
        public function authenticate(Request $request): Passport
  • AccessDecisionManager does not accept strings as strategy anymore, pass an instance of AccessDecisionStrategyInterface instead

  • Removed the $credentials argument of PreAuthenticatedToken, SwitchUserToken and UsernamePasswordToken:


    $token = new UsernamePasswordToken($user, $credentials, $firewallName, $roles);
    $token = new PreAuthenticatedToken($user, $credentials, $firewallName, $roles);
    $token = new SwitchUserToken($user, $credentials, $firewallName, $roles, $originalToken);


    $token = new UsernamePasswordToken($user, $firewallName, $roles);
    $token = new PreAuthenticatedToken($user, $firewallName, $roles);
    $token = new SwitchUserToken($user, $firewallName, $roles, $originalToken);


  • Remove FirewallConfig::getListeners(), use FirewallConfig::getAuthenticators() instead

  • Remove security.authentication.basic_entry_point and security.authentication.retry_entry_point services, the logic is moved into the HttpBasicAuthenticator and ChannelListener respectively

  • Remove SecurityFactoryInterface and SecurityExtension::addSecurityListenerFactory() in favor of AuthenticatorFactoryInterface and SecurityExtension::addAuthenticatorFactory()

  • Add AuthenticatorFactoryInterface::getPriority() which replaces SecurityFactoryInterface::getPosition(). Previous positions are mapped to the following priorities:

    Position Constant Priority
    pre_auth RemoteUserFactory::PRIORITY/X509Factory::PRIORITY -10
    form FormLoginFactory::PRIORITY -30
    http HttpBasicFactory::PRIORITY -50
    remember_me RememberMeFactory::PRIORITY -60
    anonymous n/a -70
  • Remove passing an array of arrays as 1st argument to MainConfiguration, pass a sorted flat array of factories instead.

  • Remove the always_authenticate_before_granting option

  • Remove the UserPasswordEncoderCommand class and the corresponding user:encode-password command, use UserPasswordHashCommand and user:hash-password instead

  • Remove the security.encoder_factory.generic service, the security.encoder_factory and Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Encoder\EncoderFactoryInterface aliases, use security.password_hasher_factory and Symfony\Component\PasswordHasher\Hasher\PasswordHasherFactoryInterface instead

  • Remove the security.user_password_encoder.generic service, the security.password_encoder and the Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Encoder\UserPasswordEncoderInterface aliases, use security.user_password_hasher, security.password_hasher and Symfony\Component\PasswordHasher\Hasher\UserPasswordHasherInterface instead

  • The security.authorization_checker and security.token_storage services are now private

  • Not setting the enable_authenticator_manager option to true now throws an exception

  • Remove the security.authentication.provider.* services, use the new authenticator system instead

  • Remove the security.authentication.listener.* services, use the new authenticator system instead

  • Remove the Guard component integration, use the new authenticator system instead

  • Remove the default provider for custom_authenticators when there is more than one registered provider


  • Removed ArrayDenormalizer::setSerializer(), call setDenormalizer() instead.
  • ArrayDenormalizer does not implement SerializerAwareInterface anymore.
  • The annotation classes cannot be constructed by passing an array of parameters as first argument anymore, use named arguments instead


  • The twig service is now private.


  • Removed the allowEmptyString option from the Length constraint.


    use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints as Assert;
     * @Assert\Length(min=5, allowEmptyString=true)


    use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints as Assert;
     * @Assert\AtLeastOneOf({
     *     @Assert\Blank(),
     *     @Assert\Length(min=5)
     * })
  • Removed the NumberConstraintTrait trait.

  • ValidatorBuilder::enableAnnotationMapping() does not accept a Doctrine annotation reader anymore.




  • ValidatorBuilder::enableAnnotationMapping() won't automatically setup a Doctrine annotation reader anymore.






  • Remove InvalidTokenConfigurationException


  • Added support for parsing numbers prefixed with 0o as octal numbers.

  • Removed support for parsing numbers starting with 0 as octal numbers. They will be parsed as strings. Prefix numbers with 0o so that they are parsed as octal numbers.




  • Removed support for using the !php/object and !php/const tags without a value.