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StatusNet supports a cheap-and-dirty system for sending update messages to mobile phones and for receiving updates from the mobile. Instead of sending through the SMS network itself, which is costly and requires buy-in from the wireless carriers, it simply piggybacks on the email gateways that many carriers provide to their customers. So, SMS configuration is essentially email configuration.

Each user sends to a made-up email address, which they keep a secret. Incoming email that is "From" the user's SMS email address, and "To" the users' secret email address on the site's domain, will be converted to a notice and stored in the DB.

For this to work, there must be a domain or sub-domain for which all (or most) incoming email can pass through the incoming mail filter.

  1. Run the SQL script carrier.sql in your StatusNet database. This will usually work:

    mysql -u "statusnetuser" --password="statusnetpassword" statusnet < db/carrier.sql

    This will populate your database with a list of wireless carriers that support email SMS gateways.

  2. Make sure the maildaemon.php file is executable:

    chmod +x scripts/maildaemon.php

    Note that "daemon" is kind of a misnomer here; the script is more of a filter than a daemon.

  3. Edit /etc/aliases on your mail server and add the following line:

    *: /path/to/statusnet/scripts/maildaemon.php
  4. Run whatever code you need to to update your aliases database. For many mail servers (Postfix, Exim, Sendmail), this should work:


    You may need to restart your mail server for the new database to take effect.

  5. Set the following in your config.php file:

    $config['mail']['domain'] = '';